UVIMCO’s ability to achieve its mission rests upon strong and enduring relationships with external investment managers around the world. Our investment partners have consistently outperformed passive market alternatives and generated exceptional long-term returns for the University and future generations of students, staff, faculty, and patients.

What are we looking for?

Our team is constantly searching for great new partnerships. We are open to working with a wide variety of external managers, believing that great talent and investment results can come in many forms. Our existing relationships range from small, emerging managers to large, well-established organizations, spanning asset classes, strategies, and geographies.

Common characteristics include:

  • Passion for investing
  • Independent thinking
  • Creativity
  • Partnership mentality
  • Diversity of thought and background

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with UVIMCO!

Why partner with UVIMCO?

Your partnership will support the University of Virginia, affiliated organizations, and beyond.

Our returns make a direct impact on the University’s students, faculty, staff, and patients. Beyond the University, UVIMCO’s strong long-term returns have an impact on local and global communities that benefit from the University’s innovation and research.

We are focused on long-term investment success.

Our long-term orientation and the patient capital we provide are especially well-suited for investments in less efficient or niche markets that provide fertile ground for active management.

We are passionate and dedicated investors with an excellent reputation.

We believe strongly in our mission, serving the University, and the positive impact that our investments have in providing long-term returns to support future generations of students, faculty, staff, and patients.

We are dedicated to partnering with underrepresented firms, including women- and minority-owned firms.

UVIMCO recently invested in Screendoor, a $50 million-plus investment vehicle started by the venture capitalists at Homebrew that is hoping to back as many as 15 underrepresented investors raising their first institutional fund. Screendoor provides the opportunity for institutions to invest in and build relationships with minority managers. In addition to providing capital, Screendoor will also provide formal and informal training and support to set the investors up for success. The mentorship program will cover all aspects of successfully running a venture firm, including deal sourcing, portfolio construction, and office administration. For more information, please visit