UVIMCO provides investment management services to the University of Virginia and associated organizations to serve the University’s mission. UVIMCO’s primary objective is to maximize the long-term, inflation-adjusted returns commensurate with the risk level of the University. Its secondary objective is to secure higher returns than the passive policy portfolio, which provides asset allocation guidelines for the Long Term Pool.

Long-Term Performance 

As of June 30, 2021, UVIMCO managed $14.5 billion in its Long Term Pool and $161.2 million in its Short Term Pool (Graph 1). UVIMCO’s long-term performance is critical to the success of the University and associated organizations. Over the last few decades, UVIMCO has generated remarkable returns for future generations of students, faculty, alumni, and patients. UVIMCO consistently outperforms the passive policy portfolio and its meridian peer according to TUCS All Master Trust Universe (Graph 2).

Fiscal Year Performance 

During the 2021 fiscal year, UVIMCO secured an astounding 49% return in the Long Term Pool, markedly outperforming the 29.4% gain in the passive policy portfolio. UVIMCO’s investments added $4.8 billion in value to investors’ balance sheets during the year, growing assets under management for the Long Term Pool to $14.5 billion. 

UVIMCO’s equity-oriented strategies individually outperformed the passive policy portfolio for the fiscal year. Specifically, public equities increased 51.4%, long/short equity increased 33.3%, private equity increased 98.7%, real assets increased 49%, and an 11.1% increase for fixed income, cash, marketable alternatives and credit collectively. 

Read UVIMCO’s 2021 Annual Report to learn more about our fiscal year 2021 performance.

Performance Details 

UVIMCO invests with exceptional long-term returns in mind while maintaining an appropriate risk that is profiled for the Long Term Pool in all market environments. UVIMCO’s investment strategies, public equity, long/short equity, private equity, real assets marketable alternatives, credit, fixed income, and cash, make positive contributions to the Long Term Pool’s absolute and relative performance over time.

Asset Allocation

UVIMCO seeks to secure higher returns than the passive policy portfolio, which represents an appropriate mix of diversified market risks for institutional investors like the University. The passive policy portfolio is comprised of public market indices: 75% equity represented by the MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) and 25% fixed income represented by a blended Bloomberg U.S. Treasury Bond Index. UVIMCO’s asset allocation in the Long Term Pool has been relatively stable over the last decade.

Philosophy & Tenets 

UVIMCO’s investment philosophy guides its strategy though the challenges that the world brings to ensure that our decisions are sound and grounded in what we know works best for the achieving excellent long-term results for the University. 


UVIMCO’s investment horizon is measured in years, if not decades, which aligns with the mission of the University as well as the perpetual nature of an endowment.


UVIMCO has a long history of partnering with exceptional investment managers who have demonstrated the ability to generate alpha and outperform the passive policy benchmark through disciplined investment processes, novel insights, and hard work.


UVIMCO’s investment process is structured and disciplined, but also flexible and innovative in response to constantly evolving global financial markets.


UVIMCO dynamically measures and manages risk based on the risk tolerance and capital requirements of the University.

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